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1. Mortgage Software - Introduction and Getting Started

VIDEO TUTORIAL - Introduction and Getting Started

These video tutorials will show you everything you need to know about the software. Click here to start the video, or scroll down to read more.


1. Introduction

Find out why every homeowner must have this software!

Mortgage Software Introduction

2. Software Overview

Discover how to use the information from your mortgage statements, and see how easy it is to keep all your loan details in the one convenient location.

Mortgage Software Overview

3. Plan for the Future

The planning reports use all the information you capture from your statements, to help you answer important questions about your mortgage - and the payout plan will show you how to cut years off your mortgage.

Mortgage Software Plan for the Future

4. Check for Errors

The error reports will help you check your mortgage for errors and help you protect the thousands of dollars you pay in interest charges each year

Mortgage Software Check for Errors

5. Time Saving Tips

Watch the step by step instructions on adding a statement, checking for errors and reviewing your mortgage - using the import wizard and the automatching tools to help you get the job done in minutes.

Mortgage Software Manage Your Loans

6. Getting Started

The software can handle all types of loans and mortgages, and to help you get started we've set up a range of loans in the sample workbook - that you can use as a reference when setting up your own loans. You can also try out the import wizard and automatching tools using the sample transaction file, and then follow the instructions to set up your own workbook with all your loan details.

Mortgage Software Getting Started

7. As Seen On Today Tonight

Watch the Today Tonight show featuring Home Loan Manager Pro and discover how to check your mortgage for costly bank mistakes. Lyndsey didn't know she was being short changed by her bank, until she used Home Loan Manager Pro to check for hidden bank errors. "It could have ended up costing me about $20,000..."

Today Tonight Bank Mistakes


2. Mortgage Software - Software Overview SCREENSHOT TUTORIAL - Software Overview

Find out how Home Loan Manager can help you cut years off your mortgage, and protect the thousands you pay in interest each year from expensive lender mistakes.

1. Your All-In-One Mortgage Solution 2. Keep a Complete and Accurate Record 3. Find Bank Errors in Seconds 4. Discover the Cost of Your Loans 5. Plan for the Future (Pro version only) 6. Cut Years Off Your Mortgage (Pro version only) 7. Get the Job Done Quickly 8. What Next? - Download and Try It Free


3. Mortgage Software - Getting Started SCREENSHOT TUTORIAL - Getting Started

This tutorial shows you the simple steps to setting up your first loan.

After you've installed Home Loan Manager and had a play with the sample workbook, you can follow this quick start guide to enter your own details into the software.

1. Easily Work With Your Loans 2. Find Help in the Software 3. Create a New Workbook and Add an Account 4. Enter a Statement 5. Import Transactions into the Statement 6. Automatically Assign Categories to Transactions 7. Enter the Interest Rate Changes 8. What Next?


4. Mortgage Software - Check For Errors SCREENSHOT TUTORIAL - Check For Errors

This tutorial shows you how to check your mortgage for lender errors.

After you've entered one or more statements, you can use this tutorial to find out how the different reports will highlight errors in your mortgage.

1. Check Your Mortgage For Errors 2. Check Your Balances and Transactions 3. Check Your Interest Charges 4. Example of an Interest Error 5. Calculate the Total Refund You are Due 6. View the Daily Interest Charges 7. What Next?

Need more help? The Help and Support page is a good place to start, or contact us and one of our friendly team will help answer your questions.


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