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The following Google Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback have been published thanks to the homeowners listed below.

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One of the Best Purchases I Have Ever Made...

"I purchased this software quite a while ago it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made it not only keeps the banks honest but also it can help you accelerate your home loan buy showing how to pay your home loan off quicker, I just lost our product key and had to ask support for help- what was the most impressive the owner of this software notified me so quickly and sent the missing key so my program can be reinstalled due to a system error -Thank You for designing a software program that keeps the people you borrow for the biggest investment of your life honest and on track, cheers Judi xo"
5* Google Review
Judi (karramystic), Australia

Used for Past 6 Years to Manage a Family Loan...

"I have used the Home Loan Manager program of Home Money Manager for the past 6 years to manage a family loan. I have found it very helpful. The after sales service during all that time has been exceptional."
5* Google Review
Julienne Kamprad, Australia

A Miscalculation on the Banking System Can End up Costing Thousands...

"I have been using Home loan Manager Pro since 2013 and have been very happy with the functionality and support of the product. The ability to independantly validate and verify the banking home loan interest calculation using this product is worth the purchase price, as a miscalculation on the banking system can end up costing thousands over the life of the loan.

Recently I upgraded my computer and had difficulty re-installing the program. Matthew immediately responded with support instructions and provided my original licensed key which saved me having to go back through my emails to locate. I definitely recommend this product to people who want to ensure that one of the biggest expenses is not costing anymore than it should and this product does exactly that."
5* Google Review
Nathan Hines, Australia

I Was Always Wondering If the Banks Were Charging Too Much Interest...

"I have been using Home Loan Manager Pro for a very long time. I was always wondering if the banks were charging too much interest and this program is perfect to keep them honest. There are many other benefits when using this program and I highly recommend this to anyone."
5* Google Review
Darren Gwynne, Australia

Excellent Quick Response...

"Excellent quick response and a quick solution to my program problems."
5* Google Review
Jason Van Vliet, Australia

Its an Easy to Use Program...

"I am using Home Money Manager for over 10 years (lost track really). Its an easy to use program and help me keep track of my accounts."
5* Google Review
Christos Petrou, Australia

Very Happy With the Timely Response...

"I had previously installed the HomeLoan Manager Pro several years ago and had issues with the older version running on my 2015 Apple MAC. I contacted the company via email and received a response with updated software licence key immediately. Very happy with the timely response. I noted then with the new software version, that it wouldn't run in high resolution. So after reporting this, once again, I was contacted by Matthew, who assisted and advised they would work on a patch. This was rectified within a couple of weeks. Overall, the product is very helpful and the assistance I've received in support of my problems has been excellent. Thank you to all involved."
5* Google Review
Paul Cheek, Australia

I'd Be Lost Without It...

"I've been using HomeCreditCardMangerLite now for a number of years. It means I can keep right on top of where my money's being spent. I'd be lost without it. I run the software on a MacBookPro and it has been very reliable. On the rare occasion when I've had to contact the support team for some advice, they have been very prompt and helpful. I would definitely recommend you check them out."
5* Google Review
Alan Blasbery, Australia

The After Sales Help Has Been Excellent, Highly Recommended...

"I have been using Home Loan Manager Pro for a very long time. I have found it very useful to keep an eye on the bank interest, project interest rises etc. The after sales help has been excellent, highly recommended."
5* Google Review
RR, Australia

Your Program Is Brilliant!

"I have purchased and am using your Home Loan Interest Manager Pro program to audit my home loan. It found that my lender had overcharged me and they have since corrected this. (Thanks!). The lender did take a while to investigate it fully, however they did explain how all their calculations worked and were very nice and professional throughout the process. P.S. Your program is brilliant! Very easy to use and understand."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Quoc T, Croydon, Australia

This Is Genuinely How I Feel About the Product...

"I have been a user of the Home Money Manager software now for over 7 years, and absolutely love the program! Prior to installing this program, I had looked at a variety of other options, but none met my needs like this one did. It's simple to set up, easy to use and super reliable. Alongside this, the customer service is awesome - it's responsive and personal and is a great match for a great software product. Highly recommended. This is genuinely how I feel about the product and your service ... Thank you Matthew and team."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Angela P, Queensland

I Am Really Enjoying Using It...

"Thank You for designing a truly great program I am really enjoying using it. As a hairdresser I tell my customers about how good your program is. I am truly impressed."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Judi M, Mount Cotton, Australia

It's A Real Time Saver...

"Great interest checker program. Very pleased with it - particularly the Auto-Matching / Learning feature, it's a real time saver. I installed the software and trialled it quite satisfactorily without reading the manual, which I find a good preliminary test."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Richard J, Rose Park, Australia

Full Marks...

"Thanks for your detailed and excellent explanation about the interest rate errors. None of your competitors have a proper customer service response system in place. So, full marks on that. I checked my loan papers and yes, the initial interest rate rise was 5.14% and not 5.04%... I greatly appreciate you helping out ... I will let my friends know as well."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Hemil D, Australia

Excellent Software and Support Service...

"Thank you for your clear advice on the matter and succinct explanation of the off-set function. I am impressed with both your excellent software and support service."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Neil A, Auckland, New Zealand

Great Job...

"I have made some additional repayments and I was trying to see the effect this has on the reduction of the term of the loan. I was looking for a report that could advise how long the current repayment has left to run, and after downloading your mortgage software and running the increase repayments report it gives me exactly what I want. Great job."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Barry T, NSW, Australia

Helped Me Manage My Finances...

"I've been using your software for months now and it's absolutely amazing and very straight forward... it has helped me manage my finances very well..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Ian C, The Philippines

I Recommend It Without Hesitation...

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help and advise ... Many thanks once again, and I will not hesitate in recommending not only your excellent mortgage software package but the high level of customer service you've shown me to whoever I meet that needs a mortgage program that Home Money Manager could help with..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Ron G, Rowville, Australia

Easy To Use...

"I searched the net for this kind of application and decided upon your product. It does exactly what I require and I found it intuitive & easy to use - thankfully! So far no errors have been detected on my mortgage; great product..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Paul, Adelaide, Australia

Love The Service...

"I am just writing to say how impressed I am at both the speed and quality of the response to my email. I work for a large software company and I know that our customers would love to receive this level of service."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Trevor H, Prahran, Australia

A Total Difference of $778.04...

"I checked out all the figures again. The errors that happen from 2011 onwards are because when the building society added my 'lost' payments they did not make any attempt to correct the interest. Payments and lost interest makes a total difference of $778.04. I now feel confident to approach the building society and request that they amend it. Once again, Thank You Very Much :-)"
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Michelle G, WA, Australia

Thank You For a Brilliant Programme!

"I saw the segment on Today Tonight this week in relation to your product for Home Loan Manager Pro. Thank you for a brilliant programme - I have had issues with a bank before and think that a programme like yours is necessary."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Lynn L, Buderim, QLD, Australia

I Will Recommend Your Software...

"I am glad that i bought the software from your company. The software is great, needless to say I will recommend your software among my friends, and if they buy it i will help them set it up."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
James S, NSW, Australia

I Am Glad I Bought This Product Over Any Other Brand...

"Hi Matthew, Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much. I got the St George transactions to import without a problem ... It is so easy when one does it right. It is so good to know that I have back up support should I get stuck with anything on the Home Loan Manager Pro, I am glad I bought this product over any other brand."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Janniece F, NSW, Australia

Very Pleased!

"I am very pleased with your support and the software. I can be a reference any time you need one."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Alnashir S, NSW, Australia

Thank You...

"Thank you so much. You are living up to your reputation of great Customer Service."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
John M, QLD, Australia

Happy to Recommend it to Family and Friends...

"I find the mortgage software to be excellent and will continue to use it and would be happy to recommend it to family and friends."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Barry K, Adelaide, Australia

Very Good And Easy To Use...

"I found the software to be very good and easy to use. It did prove useful in checking a particular situation I had and provided me with the results I was looking for."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Norman B, Dublin, SA, Australia

Very Impressed...

"I feel that anyone with a mortgage should be using this software."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Phillip W, North Lakes, QLD

Very User Friendly...

"Hi Matthew. Thanks for the info. I showed my husband last night and he was impressed with what the program did. Also the inputting of my last 2 statements was very simple. Even my daughter was surprised I had worked it out so quickly. But I did go through the entire tutorial. So as far as the software is concerned, it is very user friendly."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Sonja S, Victoria, Australia

Something Wasn't Quite Right!

"I was getting the feeling something wasn't quite right and I couldn't put my finger on it. It could have ended up costing me $20,000"
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Lyndsey K, WA, Australia
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