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Why Home Money Manager?

Thousands of homeowners just like you trust Home Money Manager to manage their mortgage and loans, and here are the top ten reasons why.

Top Ten Reasons It's Right For You

Mortgage Audit Software

Ranked #1 "Mortgage Audit Software"

Home Money Manager is the creator of the #1 Ranked "Mortgage Audit Software" on all major search engines around the world, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, and it has received the following awards for excellence:
Mortgage Audit Software Awards
Mortgage Audit Software

Proven Track Record Helping Homeowners Since 2004

Since the first software release in 2004 we have helped thousands of homeowners with their loans, mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards and other long term debt, and Home Money Manager is trusted by homeowners across Australia and New Zealand.

The feedback and suggestions we receive from our customers have helped us create over 30 new versions of the software, resulting in improvements, new features and technological advances. We look forward to helping you with your personal finances, and if you would like to have your say please don't hesitate to contact us.
Mortgage Audit Software

Five Minutes a Year is All it Takes

In 2004, Home Loan Manager was the first mortgage software in Australia to enable homeowners to use the information available via their Internet banking sites. With our innovative software, your no longer have to sit there typing in your mortgage statements, instead the import wizard and automatching tools do all the hard work for you and automatically load your transactions in seconds.

With both Money Formula and Home Loan Manager you can manage your mortgage in less than five minutes a year - leaving you free to get on with the things in life you enjoy.
Mortgage Audit Software

100% Free Trial - No Gimmicks, No Tricks, No Charges

At Home Money Manager we have an open an honest policy with our free trial. You can access Money Formula and try the app before you pay for anyting. Our free trial is exactly that - 100% free - you won't be asked for credit card numbers, and there are no gimmicks, no tricks, no posting and handling charges and no hidden 30 day contracts.

You get to test drive the app and use the features with YOUR mortgage on YOUR device, obligation free, so that you can see for yourself why it is the perfect tool for your loans and finances.
Mortgage Audit Software

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

As well as being able to try the software before you buy it, you are covered by the Home Money Manager 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this software within the first 30 days of purchase, simply request a refund, and you will get your money back, no questions asked. If you're not happy, we're not happy - it's that simple.
Mortgage Audit Software

Guaranteed 100% Accurate and Reliable

Our mortgage checker is guaranteed 100% accurate and reliable and it uses the internationally accepted formula for calculating interest. We back the accuracy of the interest calculations with a money-back guarantee - if you find an error with the interest calculations in our mortgage checker software, we will refund your money.
Mortgage Audit Software

Professionally Designed and Built in Australia

Home Money Manager is a proudly owned and operated Australian business, and all our products are designed and built right here in Australia.
Mortgage Audit Software

Digitally Signed and Secure

Keeping your mortgage details private and secure is our top priority. All of our Windows products are digitally signed using a Microsoft approved code signing certificate, and all Mac OS X products are signed with Apple approved Developer certificates, which is your guarantee that the software you install hasn't been modified or tampered with, and is safe to use.

Access to our web app is through encrypted ssl https connections with industry grade password settings and storage. All data stays within Australia in top-tier data centres on the East Coast of Australia and all your data is protected by Australian business and data custodian laws.

All support is handled within Australia.
Mortgage Audit Software

A Complete Mortgage Solution That Works

Money Formula and Home Loan Manager both offer a complete mortgage solution that will work with you over the life of your mortgage, putting you in control of your debt from the day you take out your loan, until the day you repay it.

They will help you set up a plan to cut years off your mortgage, check for lender mistakes and protect the thousands you pay in interest each year, let you scenario plan and make informed decisions, show you the true cost of your loans and help you keep all you loan details in the one convenient location.
Mortgage Audit Software

Easy to Get Started

It's easy to get started - you can instantly access Money Formula and start straight away, and you can install Home Loan Manager in just a few clicks and you will be ready to enter your loan details.

The video tutorials will show you everything you need to know about the app and the software, from getting started to setting up a payout plan and checking for errors.

Your Program Is Brilliant!

"I have purchased and am using your Home Loan Interest Manager Pro program to audit my home loan. It found that my lender had overcharged me and they have since corrected this. (Thanks!). The lender did take a while to investigate it fully, however they did explain how all their calculations worked and were very nice and professional throughout the process. P.S. Your program is brilliant! Very easy to use and understand."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Quoc T, Croydon, Australia

Full Marks...

"Thanks for your detailed and excellent explanation about the interest rate errors. None of your competitors have a proper customer service response system in place. So, full marks on that. I checked my loan papers and yes, the initial interest rate rise was 5.14% and not 5.04%... I greatly appreciate you helping out ... I will let my friends know as well."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Hemil D, Australia

A Total Difference of $778.04...

"I checked out all the figures again. The errors that happen from 2011 onwards are because when the building society added my 'lost' payments they did not make any attempt to correct the interest. Payments and lost interest makes a total difference of $778.04. I now feel confident to approach the building society and request that they amend it. Once again, Thank You Very Much :-)"
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Michelle G, WA, Australia


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