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Transaction Sort Order

When you enter transactions into Home Loan Manager Pro they must remain in the same order as they appear on the statement, otherwise the balances and the estimated balances won't match.

Home Loan Manager Pro provides a field on every transaction called the Sort Order to help with the ordering of transactions (although most of the time you will not need to worry about this field). The Sort Order is only ever used when two or more transactions have the same date.

If you manually enter the transactions in the order they appear in the statement, then Home Loan Manager Pro will automatically take care of the Sort Order for you.

If you import transactions electronically and the transactions in the raw import file are in date order (ascending or descending), then the Sort Order will be set automatically as the transactions are imported.

If all the transactions in the import file are not in date order, then the Sort Order will not be set, and you may have to manually set the Sort Order on transactions that have the same transaction date.

Home Loan Manager Pro internally sorts transactions in date order, and any transactions on the same date are further sorted by their Sort Order (if it is set), and then alphabetically on their description.

As the alphabetical sorting of transactions on the same date won't always match the particular sort order your Loan provider uses, you can manually set the Sort Order on a transaction. Therefore, if at any time you notice a balance difference, you should compare the order of the transactions to your statement. If they are different then update the Sort Order on the required transactions until they match.

You can edit the sort order directly through the Transactions view screen, when editing an individual transaction, or through the Balance Checker Report.