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"It could have ended up costing me about $20,000..."
Lyndsey didn't know she was being short changed by her bank, until she used Home Loan Manager Pro to check for hidden bank errors.
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Did You Know?

FACT #1 - Banks Make Mistakes

Check for Mortgage Errors Three of Australia's largest banks have been caught overcharging 489,000 clients more than $184.5 million.

Check for Mortgage Errors An error on just your loan is unlikely to be noticed as it is too small for the bank to pick up.

Check for Mortgage Errors A simple typing mistake or computer glitch is all it takes.

FACT #2 - Banks Are Driven By Profits

Check for Mortgage Errors Your mortgage repayments have been set up to maximise the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan, generating easy profits for the banks.

Check for Mortgage Errors You will repay 2 to 3 times the amount you borrow if you don't make extra repayments on your mortgage.

Check for Mortgage Errors After 22 years of repaying your mortgage, you will still owe the bank more than 1/2 of the original amount you borrowed.

High Error Rates in Loan Statements
"Past surveys have shown a high rate of calculation errors in home loan statements by lenders. There is no such thing as a perfect system, mistakes are a fact of life and that's why you should keep a close eye on your home loan ...

Do You Trust Your Bank?

Signing up for a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions
you will ever make, and with a little planning and discipline you can turn it,
and your home, into one of your most successful long-term investments.

Unfortunately most of us fall into the trap of letting our banks manage
and plan our loans, and year after year:
  Pay Off Mortgage We let the bank tell us how much
to repay and how often, and
  Pay Off Mortgage We let the bank calculate our interest
charges and fees.

But, what if the bank gets it wrong? We all make mistakes, and your lender is no exception. A simple human error or computer glitch can add thousands in interest to your mortgage if left undetected.

And what if their repayment schedule isn't right for you? Lenders want you to pay off your mortgage over the full term, maximising the amount of interest you pay on your loans.

With so much of your money at risk, should you really be letting someone else manage your mortgage?

Beat Your Mortgage In 5 Easy Steps...

Using Home Loan Manager Pro you can stop relying on your bank and
you can take control of your loans today. With it you can:

Beat Your Bank

Pay off your mortgage faster by setting goals and locking in your target - see exactly how much you can save, and know how much to repay every step of the way until you are debt free.
Beat Your Bank Check for hidden bank errors and protect the thousands of dollars you pay in interest each year.
Beat Your Bank

Make informed decisions by performing what-if analysis on interest rate changes, extra deposits, offset account balances, interest calculations, and much more - instantly seeing the impact on your loans.
Beat Your Bank Discover the true cost of your mortgage, year-to-year and statement-to-statement, keeping you on track and motivated to crush your debt.
Beat Your Bank Accurately track and record all your loan details in the one convenient location, making it easy to track and monitor your mortgage.
Pay Off Mortgage

Why Check For Bank Errors?

Bank errors can happen at any time over the life of your loan (and
more than once!), and if left undetected even the smallest of errors can
compound away adding thousands of dollars to your loan repayments.

Imagine how surprised Lyndsey was when she started using
Home Loan Manager Pro and discovered that her offset account had
NOT been linked to her mortgage.

If left undetected the error would have cost Lyndsey an extra $20,576
in interest charges, as all of the money she was putting into her offset
account was being ignored by her bank.

Luckily she found the error and was able to go to her bank, point out
their mistake, and get a full refund.

Offset accounts aren't the only problem - Here is a sample
of other types of errors our clients have found:

  Pay Off Mortgage Hemil from Brisbane in QLD found his initial rate was set to 5.14% instead of 5.04%.
  Pay Off Mortgage Michelle from Joondalup in WA found that $10,823.47 she had made in extra repayments over the past 2 years hadn't been applied to her loan correctly.
  Pay Off Mortgage Quoc from Croydon in VIC found his lender had incorrectly calculated his interest charges.
  Pay Off Mortgage Matthew from Perth in WA found that a 0.75% discount agreed with the bank had not been applied to his investment loan.

On an average balance of $177,000 the bank would have overcharged him over $39,325 in extra interest if he had not found the error.

These errors have now all been fixed - but only after the clients found them.

So if you have never checked you bank statements for errors, download Home Loan Manager Pro today and make sure you are not paying your bank a cent more than you have to.
"Since August 2010, the big four banks have experienced nine technical glitches in their payments systems..."
Your Money Magazine, March 2012

Cut $165,000 Off Your Mortgage...

The two main ways to save money on your mortgage are to make extra repayments (so you can get ahead and reduce your interest charges), and to check for hidden errors (to make sure the banks aren't dragging you backwards).

In the software getting started videos we'll show you how we saved over $165,000 in interest charges on a $300,000 mortgage just by using these two simple techniques.

The videos come free with the software and you can watch them right now. You'll also learn how to take control of your loans, set up a plan to cut five years off your mortgage, and check your loans for hidden bank errors.
Beat Your Bank
Great Job ...
"I have made some additional repayments and I was trying to see the effect this has on the reduction of the term of the loan ... after running the increase repayments report it gives me exactly what I want. Great job."
Barry T, NSW, Australia

Why Home Loan Manager Pro?

If you are serious about beating your bank, here are the top reasons why
Home Loan Manager Pro is perfect for you:
Pay Off Mortgage The QUICKEST mortgage checker in Australia. Using our unique import wizard you can instantly load the mortgage details available from your Internet banking site. Innovative and fast - minimal typing. No other product on the market comes close...
Pay Off Mortgage The #1 Ranked "Mortgage Audit Software" on all major search engines around the world including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.
Pay Off Mortgage Easy to get started. Full video tutorials to help you every step of the way, showing step-by-step how to get started, and how to get the most out the software in the quickest time possible.
Pay Off Mortgage Less than 5 minutes a year is all it takes to manage your loans and stay one step ahead of the bank. Once you've loaded your loan details simply run the reports!
Beat Your Bank A solution that works with all Australian mortgages and with all mortgage reduction strategies.
Pay Off Mortgage Proudly 100% Australian made - professionally built, impeccable quality.
Pay Off Mortgage Award Winning Design - Rated 5 out of 5, Fourteen Times
Pay Off Mortgage
Pay Off Mortgage Safe and secure - the software and all your mortgage details are stored locally on your computer (not on a website or web server), so only you have access to them - and you can password protect all your details for added security.
Beat Your Bank A complete mortgage solution that will help you check for errors, set goals and chart your progress as you pay down your mortgage, scenario plan and informed decisions, show you the true cost of your loans, and help you keep all you loan details in the one convenient location.
Beat Your Bank 100% Free Trial. You can download the software for free and take it for a test drive with your loans. No credit card required, no fine print, no postage and handling - Simply download, install and try it free.

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It's never too late to review your mortgage and start planning for the future.

Download the software now, check your loans for hidden bank errors, and set up a payout plan to see how much you can save when you cut five years off your mortgage.

Best of all the software does all the hard work for you and you can use the import wizard to load your loan details from your Internet banking site - so you can get the job done in minutes.
Very Impressed ...
"I feel that anyone with a mortgage should be using this software."
Phillip W, North Lakes, QLD
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